SLEEPWELLNESS™ Orthopädisches Nackenkissen - BoomDealz
SLEEPWELLNESS™ Orthopädisches Nackenkissen - BoomDealz
SLEEPWELLNESS™ Orthopädisches Nackenkissen - BoomDealz

    SLEEPWELLNESS ™ orthopedic neck pillow

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      The best sleep neck support pillow "Premium de Luxe" - pillow height and degree of hardness freely selectable

      This top class pillow leaves nothing to be desired and gives you a pleasant and comfortable sleep. Since it can be individually adjusted to your shoulder height, it ensures an ergonomically correct sleeping position and thus becomes the ideal neck support pillow. It is also possible to vary the hardness of the pillow according to your preferences by simply turning it over. One pillow - two degrees of firmness, four different heights! Both freely selectable, as if the pillow had been specially made for you. Ideal for healthy people, but also for sleep problems and complaints.

      The high-quality visco-mineral foam from which this neck support pillow is made ensures optimal adaptation to your head and ideally supports your head and neck. This promotes better blood circulation and alleviates neck and headaches, which are often the result of poor pillows (see customer reviews below). As the icing on the cake, the washable 3D aloe vera cover made of high-quality 3D spacer fabric ensures perfect ventilation and thus a pleasant sleeping environment, even at high temperatures!

      One pillow, two degrees of firmness, four different heights - for an individual sleeping experience

      Die Schichten des Best-Schlaf-Nackenstützkissen

      Perfect shape, perfect hardness, perfect height

      Ergonomic shape for a healthy lying position

      If you can do without morning neck tension or headaches, you should attach particular importance to an anatomically shaped pillow. The "Premium de Luxe" pillow is shaped in such a way that it offers your head the support it needs to prevent pressure on the spine and face. So you lie healthy and comfortable and wake up in the morning relaxed and fit again!

      One pillow: two degrees of hardness

      Do you prefer to lie softly? Or something more solid? Or would you prefer to be softer in winter than in summer? Then you will particularly love the best sleeping pillow "Premium de Luxe" for this highlight: The top and bottom of this pillow are designed to be different so that you can adjust the degree of firmness to your personal preferences by simply turning the pillow.

      The right pillow height for everyone

      Since the height is also decisive for an optimal lying position, the pillow is designed so that you can adjust the height individually - depending on whether you have broad or narrow shoulders. A removable middle layer has been integrated into the pillow with which you can raise the pillow by 3 cm or make it lower. In addition, the two sides are different heights, so that you have a total of 4 different heights (8, 10, 11 or 13 cm) available! So everyone can find the perfect height for themselves!

      Individually adjustable the best sleep neck support pillow "Premium de Luxe" can be adjusted to your shoulder height in a few simple steps

      Premium-Deluxe-Kissen inklusive Mittelschicht

      Fig .: Pillow including middle layer - so the head is bedded a little higher.

      Premium-Deluxe-Kissen ohne Mittelschicht

      Fig .: Here the middle class has been removed for a body-appropriate height adjustment

      Optimal support for the head and neck

      Finding the right shape for your pillow is just the first step. It is also important that your pillow supports your head well, that your head and neck adapts exactly to keep your spine in a healthy position. Any other situation quickly causes sleep problems and discomfort. With our viscose pillow you rest in a healthy, straight lying position - as recommended by orthopedists.

      At the same time, of course, you want to lie comfortably and avoid unnecessary pressure on your face. Our best sleep pillow distributes the pressure evenly, so that unsightly wrinkles on the face are avoided and you wake up relaxed and refreshed in the morning!

      This positive effect is confirmed not only by countless satisfied customers, but also by independent studies that have shown that the sleeping problems of numerous test persons could be significantly reduced by using pillows and mattresses made from visco-mineral foam!



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